Key speaker "The Nova Factory (1894 - 1989)" at "8th Conferences of industrial archeology in Catalonia. Barcelona and the greatest factories of the 19th and 20th Century" by the Association of Museum of Science and Technique of Catalonia, Spain.


Key speaker "The Industrial Heritage of Manresa" at "European Conference of Heritage. Europe, an heritage common" by the Centre of Studies of Bages-Manresa, Spain.

Co-writes article: "Steel Suppliers in the Centre of Catalonia: la CFCE, between History and Industrial Heritage" for the "From Iron to Steel. Forging the history of Industrial metallurgical Heritage", publication of the 9th International Conference of Industrial Heritage in Gij�n, Spain in 2008.

Co-writes guide: "The Industrial of Manresa. Itinerary for the city history" for the Planning of Industrial Tourist product and de Technology Innovations of Catalonia. Published by the Tourist office of Manresa, Spain.


Key speaker at Conference about the reuse of old buildings: "Industrial Heritage at debat: new uses for old buildings". Barcelona. Spain.(http://www.salvemcanfabregas.org)

Wrote article "Can Fabregas & Caralt Flour Factory". Published in the Number 64 of Bulletin of Industrial Archaeology and Museums of Science and Technique. Barcelona. Spain.

Co-writes article about Industrial Heritage and the risks for Gas and Carbon buildings chimneys in Castellgal�. Published in the Number 65, Bulletin of Industrial Archaeology and Museums of Science and Technique. Barcelona. Spain.


Key speaker at the Technical Visits Cycle: interventions in the architectural heritage, organized by AADIPA. Manresa, Spain.

Session: Heritage value of the industrial grounds for Bertrand I Serra SA Textile Company. Barcelona. Spain.


Key speaker at The Industrial Heritage of Manresa conference, organized by the Centre of Studies of Bages, in Manresa, Spain. Session: The Nova Textile Factory in Manresa: history and heritage.


Key Speaker for the unit "The Heritage as a component of sustainable development" for the course: "Cultural Heritage and Education". National University of Tucum�n, Argentina.


Presentation "The Industrial Heritage of Sugar: case study of the San Pablo Sugar Factory, thoughts and actions for its appreciation" in the Regional Mercosur Congress for the Preservation and Appreciation of the Natural and Cultural Heritage as a base for sustainable development. Tucum�n, Argentina.