PhD Candidate - University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Thesis: Trading Nations: Informal empire, architecture and Scottish cast iron industry in Argentina.


Master's degree in Heritage Conservation - International University of Andalucía, Spain. Thesis: To preserve in the memory: architectural and heritage study of the textile factory Bertrand & Serra in Manresa. Excellent qualification.


Bachelor's degree in Architecture - National University of  Tucum�n, Argentina. Excellent qualifications.

Postgraduate Course: Intervention in the Built Heritage - International Centre for the Preservation of the Architectural Heritage (CICOP), Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Postgraduate course: History of Ibero-american Architecture - National University of Tucumán, Argentina.

Other Courses attended


The "Use of Stone in Building"course, organized by the Stone Federation Great Britain. London. England.

Risk prevention in the workplace Course. Barcelona. Spain. 


International Conference "Heritage divided, Heritage shared. Intervention in the architecture in XIX and XX centuries in the Mediterranean.Barcelona. Spain.


Debate Session "The factory and the society". Organized by The Museum of Art Contemporary of Barcelona. Spain.


27th Course on Interventions to the Architectural Heritage. Restoration techniques: Unresolved argument historic structures replace or conserve. Barcelona. Spain.

 4th Spanish Conferences on Industrial Heritage.Organized by TICCIH SPAIN. Barcelona. Spain.

6th International Conferences on Industrial Heritage.Organized by INCUNA. Gij�n. Spain.

Seminar "Industrial Heritage and re-invention of urban space in 21st century. Organized by the Archive File of Barcelona City.Barcelona. Spain.

Debate Session "The problematic issues for the Heritage Conservation nowadays". Organized by AADIPA. Barcelona, Spain.

Confrences "Industrial legacy and innovation. Actions in the built heritage". Organized by Forum de la Ribera del Bes�s. Barcelona. Spain.

Colloquium "The system of Museum of Science and technique of Catalonia". Barcelona. Spain.

Forum of Industrial Heritage. Organized by The Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia. Barcelona. Spain.


Regional Conference about Heritage and Museums.Tucum�n. Argentina.